Me and Dad buy the hilux

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There is not enough of the “Me & Dad” or “Me & Mum” these days. Kids need Heroes, ask them who’s the best at everything, it will be Mum or Dad.

Closely related to the yellow zone reading level. Yellow Zones ready text include familiar themes and ideas based predominately on New Zealand content and settings. Illustrations match the text and readers can clearly identify with the story.

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Me and Dad buy the hilux

Mum was not happy because the
Hilux was all dirty…

A new car won’t pull the tractor out of the swamp…

The dogs wont be sleeping
in this one…

Its the only thing tougher than Mum’s Sunday roast…

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  1. Alison Nimmo

    As a teacher of a rural school, I purchased these books for those boys and girls that love the farm life and can relate to these books, shooting, pig hunting, buying a hilux – the boys especially love them. They are all such great titles. I struggle with the grammar :Me and Dad” instead of Dad and I, but that is what the kids would say. Cherie is also a difficult name for the children to remember, it is not a common name or en easy name for the children to decode.

    Overall, I just LOVE these books for our rural kids. Thanks so much

    • Peter Hills

      Thank you for the feedback. I have aimed the stories at young boys who are traditionally reluctant readers. What I find hard to believe is the constant “Oh he doesn’t like reading books” comments. If I was 5 6 7 8 years old and I was given a book about flower arranging there would be a very good chance that I would never read it. Give me a book about a big red tractor, a go-kart, fishing, motorcycles I am going to read at least one of them. WHY? because I am interested in those sorts of things. While the grammar in the title is not strictly correct it’s how children speak. You will never see Me and Dad written in the story line.

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