Me and Dad Build A Go Kart

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There is not enough of the “Me & Dad” or “Me & Mum” these days. Kids need Heroes, ask them who’s the best at everything, it will be Mum or Dad.

Closely related to the yellow zone reading level. Yellow Zones ready text include familiar themes and ideas based predominately on New Zealand content and settings. Illustrations match the text and readers can clearly identify with the story.

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2 reviews for Me and Dad Build A Go Kart

  1. admin

    So cool to know the kids are enjoying the books & learning stuff too!
    I just have to tell you….. I read Max the Go Cart + Honey books to Max(aged4) last evening. We got to the section bout Bart taking the Chainsaw to pieces + Max immediately said ” How will he get it back together again” !! Then on to the honey book and as we started he said “You know if there weren’t any bees there would be no food”. He also knew about the protector suits but wanted to know about the smoke.

  2. Jenny McVeigh

    Another book for our collection thanks Peter! Very popular with my 7yr old daughter. She took her set to school and her teacher read one each day to the delight of the boys and girls alike. Of course now she wants to build a go cart!

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